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SPLENDOR-NC will provide competitive funds for P&F Program projects to post-doctoral scholars and early career faculty members at one of the six participating institutions, including but not limited to the SPLENDOR-NC cohort of scholars. Interested investigators are encouraged to submit separate applications to both the Scholars Program and the P&F Program in the same application cycle.

Full $50K proposals will be in the format of a NIH R21 (i.e., 1 page for specific aims, 6 pages for research strategy).

Applicants will be required to submit letters of support from their primary mentor and/or immediate supervisor.

P&F Program projects should be in the areas of nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and/or related research areas.

Two Levels of Funding

$10K Applications:

10K Career Development Awards: Pilot awards up to $10K will support publication charges, travel, coursework, or training.

10K Research Awards: Pilot awards up to $10K will support purchasing equipment, lab supplies, and small pilot projects.

$50K Applications: Pilot awards up to $50K will enable the collection of preliminary data to support extramural grant applications.